đź’ŞYou can never have too many simple (but useful!) life hacks, habits, and tips in your back pocket!

🌄You can never have too many simple (but useful!) life hacks, habits, and tips in your back pocket!

42 Easy Household Tricks That Will Improve Your Life! (Must-Try!)

by Jason & Olivia Brown

August 2nd, 2023


We get it – life’s hectic, chores pile up. Overflowing laundry baskets, kitchen messes, and that one drawer we all have (you know the one)… Sometimes 24 hours just doesn’t seem enough.  

But what if we told you there’s a smarter way to do things? Yep, we’ve got your back! We’ve searched high and low, and guess what? We found some killer hacks that’ll make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

From energy saving solutions to quick clean-up techniques, we’re dishing out the ultimate guide to making your home work for you. And trust us! 

These little tips and tricks can save you buckets of time, money and hassle – it would be mad not to use them!

1. Never Spill While Boiling Water Again!

Lifehack: Physics can save you from having to clean up your kitchen!


Ever found yourself rushing in the kitchen? We’ve all been there. One second you’re waiting for your pot to boil. The next, you’re rushing to contain an overflowing mess! What if there was a handy trick to keep this from happening?

The solution’s simpler than you think. Just have a wooden spoon within reach. Next time you’re cooking, lay it across your pot. No more messy spills! The spoon’s magic keeps everything in check while you focus elsewhere. A neat kitchen, every time.

2. Cut Cleaning Time in Half!

Lifehack: Don’t Scrub By Hand For Hours. Let The Japanese Hack Do It In Half Time!

Let’s face it, we’d all rather be doing something else than cleaning grime. Especially those tough bathroom and kitchen stains.

Why spend hours scrubbing when you can slash cleaning time and effort with just one product? We are talking about Synoshi. This handheld, cordless spin scrubber is a game-changer. From tricky corners to soft surfaces, it’s got you covered. Waterproof, multiple brush heads, and a no-slip design make it the only cleaning gadget you’ll ever need.

3. Safely Light Deep Candles with a Spaghetti Stick!

Lifehack: “Candle Burn?” – “Please. I Got Mom’s Spaghetti”

Setting the mood with candles? Or maybe it’s birthday time? Lighting those hard-to-reach wicks can sometimes feel like a mini-game of “how close can my finger get to the flame?” And that’s not a fun game.

Got some uncooked spaghetti in the pantry? That’s all you need! Simply light one end of the spaghetti stick. And use it as an extension to reach those deep or tricky wicks. It’s long-burning and ensures your fingers remain singe-free. Easy, right?

4. Save 85% on Your Energy Bills!

Lifehack: As Simple As It Sounds. Plug It In & Slash Your Energy Bills!

Dreading that monthly energy bill? Feeling like you’re just a cash cow for big energy companies? Time to level the playing field. StopWatt is here to rescue your wallet and give the power back to you.

StopWatt is a top-tier energy saver designed to protect your devices from surge damage. While significantly trimming down your energy expenses. It’s like having a guardian for your electrical appliances and your bank account.

5. Walk Pain-Free with Nooro Foot Massager!

Lifehack: An At-Home “Podiatrist” for Instant Foot Relief, Just for You! 

Painful feet? Swollen legs after a long day? Expensive podiatrist bills getting you down? There’s a simpler, cost-effective solution. Meet Nooro Foot Massager.

Just 15 minutes daily with Nooro can transform your feet. Think of it as a personal foot therapist, always ready to rejuvenate your tired soles without an appointment.

6. Speedy Phone Charging for the Always Busy!

Lifehack: Use Airplane Mode & Gain Up to 40% Battery Life!

In a rush and need that phone charged ASAP? Here’s a trick many don’t know: flip your phone to airplane mode. Sure, you won’t get calls or messages for a bit. But your phone will juice up much faster. Once charged, just turn off airplane mode, and you’re back in action!

7. Clean and Trim with Woodwise: Save Big on Gardening!

Lifehack: DIY Gardening with a Mini Chainsaw. Without Back-Busting Regular Chainsaws!

Ever felt that sting when billed by professionals for simple garden cleanups? What if you could do it all by yourself, efficiently and safely? Enter Woodwise Mini Chainsaw.

Woodwise is the tool every homeowner needs. Lightweight, cordless, and powerful enough to handle any garden task. From trimming branches to shaping bushes!

8. Save Money While Shopping Online!

Lifehack: Shop EVEN CHEAPER THAN AMAZON! For Free!

Tired of missing out on those sneaky discount codes? Or feeling like you might’ve gotten a better deal elsewhere?

Capital One Shopping does the work that often makes finding a deal a challenge. Like instantly searching and testing coupon codes or retailers for better prices. Plus, it’s 100% free—and you don’t need to be a Capital One customer to use it. So you can spend your time living, not hunting for bargains.

9. Get Cold Drinks in Just 10 Minutes!

Lifehack: Easy Breezy, Paper Chill? Try it, it just work!

It’s a hot day and all you crave is a chilled drink! Only to find out you forgot to stock the fridge. That longing for a cool sip can be frustrating, especially when patience isn’t on the menu.

Don’t wait forever—there’s a shortcut. Wrap your drink in a wet cloth and place it in the fridge. Through the magic of evaporation, your beverage will turn icy cold in just about 10 minutes. Cheers to quick thinking and even quicker cooling!

10. Slash Your Winter Heating Bills Effortlessly!

Lifehack: Heat Any Room In Minutes Without Spending A Fortune!

Winter usually brings two certainties: cozy moments and cringe-worthy energy bills. What if you could keep the warmth without the financial frostbite?

Enter Alpha Heater—a masterclass in energy-efficient warmth. This device promises you toasty rooms in less than 2 minutes, and can curtail your heating expenses by up to 30%. Plus, with its sleek design, it’s a chic addition to any space. Make this winter warm, stylish, and pocket-friendly.

11. Keep Bathroom Mirrors Crystal Clear Post-Shower!

Lifehack: The Car Wax Mirror Trick

Emerging from a hot, relaxing shower only to face a fogged-up mirror is a daily annoyance. Whether it’s for shaving or applying makeup, clear vision is essential.

The solution is hiding in your garage: car wax. A small dab on your mirror, followed by a gentle buff, keeps it mist-free! Regardless of how steamy your shower gets. Never let fog block your reflection again!

12. One Pair of Glasses for All Your Needs!

Lifehack: The Only Pair Of Reading Glasses You Will Ever Need From Now On!

Juggling multiple pairs of glasses for reading, computer work, and general use? It’s like an optical circus, and not the fun kind. The quest for the right pair in the right moment can be maddening.

Flex Vision is here to declutter your visual life. With the ability to adjust focus as needed, you won’t need multiple pairs anymore. Stylish and efficient, they’re the perfect vision companion for every situation.

13. Hands-Free Recipe Reading in Your Kitchen!

Lifehack: The Trouser Hanger Cookbook Holder

Picture this: you’re deep into crafting a culinary masterpiece. Hands smeared with ingredients, and your recipe book decides to play peekaboo. We’ve all been there. The struggle is real.

Reach into your wardrobe and grab a trouser hanger. Hang it on a kitchen cabinet handle, clip your recipe book in place, and voila! Your hands are free, your recipe is in view, and your cooking flow remains uninterrupted. Bon appétit!

14. Reduce Cleaning Time by 70%!

Lifehack: Mini & Affordable Robot Vacuum Does All The Cleaning For You!

Tired of constantly cleaning up after meals? Fed up with pet hair taking over your living space? Traditional vacuuming feels like a chore, especially after a long day. 

Robovac Pro is here to revolutionize your cleaning routine. Compact yet mighty, it navigates your home with precision. Ensuring every corner sparkles. Its powerful motor leaves no pet hair behind, and its cordless design means it’s always ready to go.

15. Clear Drains Every Day!

Lifehack: Plumber Money Stay In Your Wallet!

Remember those mornings where a clogged sink threw off your entire routine? That frustration, the last-minute scramble to get it fixed… it’s something we all dread. Think of those moments when a blocked drain turned a relaxing shower into a messy pool.

Introducing Plunge Blaster. Gone are the days of relying on costly and temporary fixes. Say goodbye to the ineffective tools and the repeated calls to the plumber. Plunge Blaster ensures that you wake up to clear drains every day, giving you one less thing to worry about.

16. Never Lose a Cable Behind Your Desk Again!

Lifehack: The Ultimate Desk Organizer Using Binder Clips

If you’re tired of diving beneath your desk or untangling cords every other minute, this hack is for you. No need for expensive organizers or fancy gadgets. The solution is probably already in your drawer! With just a simple binder clip, you can easily manage and keep all your cables accessible and tidy. Just clamp the binder clip to the edge of your desk and thread your cables through. Not only is it efficient, but it also gives your desk a neat and organized look.

17. Elevate Your Home Security Without the Monthly Bills!

Lifehack: Let Them Think It’s An Ordinary Lightbulb…

It’s a common feeling – the unease that lurks when leaving your home unattended. Traditional doorbell cameras have been the go-to. But there’s a new player in town that offers both discretion and advanced tech.

SafeCam 360! At a glance, it looks just like any other lightbulb. But this innovative device is a game-changer. Offering clear night vision, smooth panning, and impeccable resolution, it’s a top surveillance solution. And with its built-in slot for a 64 GB SD Card, say goodbye to pesky monthly fees.

18. Reclaim Your Mobility Without Breaking the Bank!

Lifehack: Soothe Knee Pain Without Leaving Your Chair!

Walking to the nearby cafĂ© or taking a flight of stairs shouldn’t feel like a marathon. Whether it’s that dull ache or a sharp sting, you’ve probably tried everything. Pills, exercises, maybe even the dreaded idea of surgery.

Nooro Knee Massager is the answer you’ve been seeking. This isn’t just another knee strap or ointment. This is a state-of-the-art device designed specifically to target every part of the knee. Releasing tension and alleviating pain. Imagine slipping on a device that does more than any massage therapist could, right in the comfort of your home.

19. Transform Your Sleep with Bacteria-Busting Bedding!

Lifehack: The Closest Thing We Have To Self-Washing Sheets! It’s a Miracle!

Waking up with a breakout or feeling like your bed isn’t as fresh as it could be? Most don’t realize the microscopic party happening in their sheets every night. Traditional bed linens can become a hotspot for bacteria. Which means nightly encounters with unwanted guests. Yikes!

Miracle Sheets is your weapon against germs, dust mites, and sleep-spoiling bacteria. Infused with the power of silver, known for its antimicrobial properties, these sheets ensure you’re not just sleeping! But luxuriating in hygienic splendor.

20. Revive Your Footwear with a Bathroom Essential!

Lifehack: Old Sneakers Are As Good As New With Just A Little Toothpaste

Staring at those old, dirty sneakers and thinking of tossing them out? Before you give up on them, consider this simple trick that could transform them back to their glory days.

The solution isn’t in expensive shoe cleaning products but something you already have in your bathroom – toothpaste! Simply dab a non-gel white toothpaste on an old toothbrush, scrub away the grime, and watch the magic unfold.

21. Daily Laundry Made 1000 Times Easier!

Lifehack: Ditch the Detergent with Laundry Masher

Tired of spending endlessly on store-bought detergents? Concerned about the chemicals that might be harming your skin and the environment? 

Introducing Laundry Masher – a product packed with nano silver-infused ceramic beads, known for their antimicrobial properties. These beads combat bacteria and odors, ensuring your clothes come out fresh every time. Best of all? You can use it for up to 200 washes, making it a sustainable and cost-effective choice.

22. Monitor Your Health & Fitness at a Glance!

Lifehack: Get 1 Step Ahead Every Doctor – Check Your Vitals From Your Wrist!

Does the thought of the unknown regarding your health keep you awake at night? The endless cycle of appointments, medical bills, and the unsettling feeling of being out of touch with your own body?

Enter Vital Fit Track – a real-time health monitoring device that’s both affordable and incredibly effective. This gadget empowers you to be in the driver’s seat of your own well-being. Providing insights that were previously exclusive to costly medical visits.

23. Keep Your Home Pest Free!

Lifehack: Keep Those Devils Outside Your Property, Without Any Chemicals!

Ever been startled by a scurrying mouse or repelled by the sight of cockroaches in your living space? What about those itchy mosquito bites that seem to appear out of nowhere? And while many solutions can involve harsh chemicals or cruel traps, there’s a better way to reclaim your sanctuary.

Pest Defence is your silent guardian. Harnessing innovative technologies like bionic, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic waves, it discreetly keeps pests at bay. The best part? It’s entirely inaudible to both humans and pets. Ensuring a peaceful environment while keeping pests out.

24. Fix Wobbly Furniture with Just a Coin!

Lifehack: Turn Pennies Into Furniture Fixers

Do wobbly chairs or tables annoy you every time you use them? We’ve all been there! And maybe purchasing new furniture or special feet might be the first solution that comes to mind. But there’s a quick, easy, and affordable fix you probably haven’t thought of.

Your everyday coins! Yes, that pocket change can be your furniture’s savior. Coins are versatile in thickness, from slim pennies to slightly chunkier quarters. By using hot glue to attach them to the base of your wobbly furniture, you can achieve the right height to stabilize it.

25. Eliminate WiFi Woes with One Simple Tool!

Lifehack: Boost Your Connection Everywhere in the House

Ever been in a cozy corner of your home only to find the WiFi is weak or non-existent? Those buffering videos and laggy calls can ruin your day. Upgrades from your ISP can feel like tossing money without results.

But with ExtendTecc WiFi extender , your WiFi woes vanish! This device amplifies your current signal, reaching every inch of your home. No more searching for that one good spot; instead, enjoy a robust connection everywhere.

26. The Toilet Paper Is So Yesterday!

Lifehack: Easy, Portable Cleaner. It’s So Good You’ll Think Of Ditching Toilet Paper!

Remember those moments when you realized you’re out of toilet paper? What’s worse, our go-to bathroom essential is causing forest devastation. But what if you could contribute to the environment and get a better cleanse?

Meet Blaux Bidet – the green and clean revolution. No more toilet paper! Just adjust the water pressure to your preference, and let Blaux give you a thorough, hygienic rinse. Compact and portable, it’s the perfect companion for any trip.

27. Your Home Could Be Making You Sick (And This Is the Solution)!

Lifehack: Purify Your Room’s Air, Without Having to Think About A Water Tank!

Ever felt sluggish, sneezy, or just off while lounging at home? It’s not just you. Shockingly, our homes can harbor air that’s up to 5 times more polluted than the outdoors! It’s a silent health threat ranking in the EPA’s top five environmental dangers.

Step in, IonPure. This powerful device not only detects but eradicates 99.7% of minuscule pollutants in large spaces. All in half an hour. From stubborn dust and pet fur to menacing mold, leave no particle unturned.

28. Effortless Shine: Revive Your Car’s Glory in Minutes!

Lifehack: Scratched Your Car? You Don’t Have To Pay A Fortune To Fix It!

Ever had that sinking feeling seeing a fresh scratch on your beloved car? And let’s not mention the exorbitant fees repair shops demand.

Enter NanoSparkle. The game-changer in car aesthetics. No need to break the bank or accept a blemished car. With NanoSparkle, simply wipe away those eyesores. This magical cloth seamlessly blends the surrounding paint, erasing imperfections. You’ll marvel as scratches vanish before your eyes.

29. The Smart Burger Eating Hack!

Lifehack: There Is A Way To Eat A Burger And Not Get Messy!

Diving into a juicy hamburger is one of life’s simple pleasures. But as the toppings and sauces pile up, it can get messy quickly. Here’s a simple trick for a better burger experience: flip it! The top bun is designed to be thicker, making it better equipped to handle all the juicy goodness without falling apart. So, for a less messy and more sturdy bite, just turn your burger upside down. Bite with confidence and savor the flavor!

30. Clean Your Car, Patio, BackYard In Minutes!

Lifehack:Just Plug & Play in a Regular Hose And Go Nuts!

Isn’t it frustrating to scrub and scrub, only to see those tough stains remain? Perhaps you’ve given up on certain spots in your home, accepting them as permanent? With HydroBlast Power Nozzle, reclaim your time and say goodbye to those stubborn marks.

This simple attachment, designed to fit any standard garden hose, amplifies water pressure. Making cleaning a breeze. From dirty patios to muddy cars, HydroBlast Power Nozzle tackles them all, making your life easier and your home cleaner.

31. Wake Up Refreshed & Pain-Free Every Morning


Tired of waking up feeling like you’ve just wrestled a bear? We often overlook the impact our pillow has on the quality of our sleep and our physical health. But the truth? A bad pillow can be the root of those annoying neck and back pains.

Derila isn’t just a pillow; it’s an experience. This Memory Foam marvel perfectly cradles your head and neck. Ensuring a restful night, every night. Bid farewell to stiffness, discomfort, and groggy mornings. Embrace the future of sleeping with Derila .

32. No More Septic Shame!

Lifehack: Never Worry About Your Septic Tank Situation Any More!

Ever hesitated to host a gathering because of that embarrassing odor wafting from your septic tank? Beyond the embarrassment, there are real dangers lurking – a blockage could flood your home with wastewater. And harmful bacteria could threaten your family’s health.

Enter SeptiFix Tablets! Your eco-friendly warrior against septic woes. Not only do they combat the odors, but they also ensure your tank operates flawlessly. Keeping the nasty backup at bay.

33. Never Fear Spills, Crumbs or Pet Hair Again!

Lifehack: Don’t Bother Bringing The Big Vacuum For A Few Crumbs!

Ever had that moment of panic when you spill crumbs in your car or discover dust on your workspace? Traditional cleaning solutions often fall short in these tight spots. 

Introducing Vortex Portable Vacuum! Its refined vortex suction doesn’t just clean – it ensures every speck of dust and debris is taken care of. And the best part? It’s whisper-quiet, so your little ones won’t stir even if you decide to do a quick clean-up after bedtime. Join the 32,000+ cleaning enthusiasts who’ve transformed their cleaning game.

34. Double Your Microwave Efficiency!

Lifehack: Don’t Wait In Line At The Kitchen!

Tired of waiting in line for your microwave? What if you could heat two dishes at once? Imagine the time you’d save, especially during those busy mornings or when entertaining guests.

Here’s a clever solution: Use a mason jar or any tall glass kitchenware. Place one dish on the microwave plate as usual, then position the mason jar in the center and balance the second plate on top. Voila! Two-tier heating.

35. Clean Gutters Without the Risk!

Lifehack: No More Falling From The Ladder When Cleaning Your Gutters. Sign me up!

Are you tired of risking your neck on ladders just to have clean gutters? Does the thought of spending huge amounts on professional cleaners make you cringe? 

Introducing GutterJet Telescopic Cleaning Wand – the ultimate game changer! Extendable up to 6 feet, this wand helps you reach those tricky spots. The best part? Its 180° rotating head lets you spray, wash, and even scrape off stubborn debris. All while keeping your feet safely on the ground.

36. Another Handheld Cleaning Miracle!

Lifehack: Clean Large Surfaces In Seconds!

Ever felt cleaning was a workout? That scrubbing till your hands hurt should be an Olympic sport? You’re not alone. So many of us grapple with the fatigue of cleaning those hard-to-reach spots and stubborn stains. But what if cleaning could be easy and almost fun?

Enter MultiBrush Pro – the revolution in cleaning! No cords, no hassle, just pure cleaning power. Its 360° rotating head lets you get into those tricky corners. While the 5 specialized brush heads ensure you have the right tool for every job. And the best part? It’s waterproof. Dive into those deep-cleaning tasks without a second thought!

37. This Japanese Knife Cuts Anything Like Butter!

Lifehack: Friends & Family Will Think You’ve Been Trained By A Japanese Chef!

How many times have you struggled with a blunt knife, putting more effort than needed, and risking an injury? The secret to precision and safety in the kitchen lies in the quality of your knife. And not just any knife – the Japanese have mastered the art of blade craftsmanship.

Enter Huusk: A knife that redefines cutting excellence. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable grip, while its razor-sharp edge makes slicing effortless. No more battling with your ingredients; with Huusk, they gracefully submit to your culinary prowess. Elevate your cooking experience, while ensuring utmost safety. 

38. Say Goodbye to Stubborn Microwave Stains!

Lifehack: Cleaning the Microwave Can Only Be Done If It’s That Easy!

Ever opened your microwave and been greeted by those stubborn splatters? You’ve tried scrubbing, but those pesky stains just don’t budge. Plus, who wants to spend hours cleaning a microwave when there are quicker, easier ways?

Here’s the genius hack: Use the power of steam! Just place a glass full of water inside, and run your microwave. The steam softens even the most stubborn spots, letting you effortlessly wipe them away!

39. Experience Pure, Clean Air Every Breath You Take!

Lifehack: The Natural Way To Get Rid Of Even The Worst Odors!

Stale odors clinging to your space? Constantly battling sneezes and itchy eyes from allergens? With busy lives, our homes should be sanctuaries of freshness. Not zones of discomfort. The issue? Most solutions simply mask the problem or contain harmful chemicals.

Enter Airjoi, the revolutionary bamboo charcoal bag that actively purifies your air. Instead of masking odors, it pulls them from the environment. Leaving your space feeling and smelling fresh. Plus, its natural properties actively combat allergens, giving you a breath of relief.

40. Fix Almost Anything Without Breaking a Sweat!

Lifehack: Become Your Home’s Handyman, Even If You’ve Never Caught A Drill Before!

Ever felt the pang of annoyance when a minor repair turns into a full-blown DIY project? Tired of sifting through a jumble of tools or making that unwanted call to a handyman? Apex Drill understands, and it’s here to simplify your life.

Apex Drill combines the functionality of 42 essential tools, eliminating the need for a cluttered toolbox. Perfect for quick fixes or extensive DIYs! It’s the secret to turning home repair challenges into child’s play.

41. Unlock the True Cleanliness of Your Food!

Lifehack: Fresh, Chemical-Free Fruits & Vegetables, RIGHT FROM YOUR SINK!

Ever peeled an orange or crunched into an apple, only to wonder what invisible chemicals lurk on its surface? We all strive for a healthy diet. But how can we guarantee the fruits and veggies we eat aren’t silently harming us?

PuriProduce is your answer to a chemical-free plate. Using a simple combination of salt, water, and electricity. It creates a natural cleansing agent that aggressively targets and neutralizes toxins. Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and hello to pure, uncontaminated freshness with every bite.

42. Turn Your Chip Bag into the Life of the Party!

Lifehack: Movie-Night & No Laundry After That? Awesome!

Ever been at a gathering where the chips are stuck deep in the bag, making it a hassle to reach? Or maybe you’ve wanted a quick serving solution without the cleanup afterwards? Forget searching for an extra bowl or plate.

Introducing the instant chip bag snack bowl! Just a few folds and rolls, and voilĂ  – your chip bag transforms into a self-standing bowl, bursting with chips. It’s fun, practical, and there’s zero cleanup. Make munching easy and impress your friends with this simple yet genius hack.

Jason & Olivia Brown

Hello, savvy home enthusiasts!

We’re Jason and Olivia Brown, ages 55 and 52 respectively. With combined expertise in product innovation and home design, we’ve honed an eye for identifying game-changing household products that truly elevate daily living. We recognize the value of simplicity, efficiency, and, above all, saving time and money in today’s fast-paced world.

Isn’t it time we made our homes work smarter, not harder? That’s why we’re driven to bring you this listicle, filled with handpicked hacks that promise to declutter, simplify, and enhance your life. Believe in us; we’ve invested the hours, ensuring each product serves its true purpose – making your days simpler and more efficient!

To smarter, simpler days ahead!

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