You’ve Been Doing It Wrong ALL This Time! Find the Best Life Hacks to Simplify Your Life (And Maybe Even Impress Your Friends… Just Maybe) đź’Ş

You’ve Been Doing It Wrong ALL This Time! Find the Best Life Hacks to Simplify Your Life (And Maybe Even Impress Your Friends… Just Maybe) 💪

12+1 Life Hacks (Guaranteed to Make You Say "OMG, Why Didn't I Know This Sooner?!")

How Many Did You Already Know? 94% of People Knows Less than Half of Them! What About You? Tick the Ones You Know, and Let’s See!

June 25, 2024

best life hacks

Admit it, we’ve all been there. 

You’re staring at a mountain of laundry, the sink overflows with yesterday’s dishes, and you can’t remember the last time you slept through the night. 

24 hours just doesn’t seem enough. 

You scroll through social media, bombarded with seemingly perfect lives, wondering, “Do they have some secret manual I haven’t gotten yet?” 

Well, fret no more! The truth is, those picture-perfect lives often rely on a few well-placed life hacks. Clever shortcuts and brilliant tricks that shave time off your day, and leave you feeling like a total BOSS.  

This list is your secret weapon, packed with 30 life hacks that will have you saying “OMG, why didn’t I know this sooner?!” Prepare to impress your family and friends with your newfound skills, and finally conquer that ever-growing to-do list.

These little tips and tricks can save you buckets of time, money and hassle – it would be mad not to use them! Let’s dive in!

1. Never Spill While Boiling Water Again!

Lifehack: Physics Can Keep Your Kitchen Clean


Ever found yourself rushing in the kitchen, only to end up with an overflowing pot of boiling water? We’ve all been there. It’s frustrating, messy, and takes up precious time to clean. What if there was an easy way to prevent this chaos?

Here’s a simple trick: Place a wooden spoon across the top of your pot while boiling water. The spoon’s unique properties prevent the water from spilling over, keeping your stovetop clean and mess-free. No more frantic cleanups—just smooth cooking every time!

2. Safely Light Deep Candles with a Spaghetti Stick!

Lifehack: “Candle Burn?” – “Please. I Got Mom’s Spaghetti”

Setting the mood with candles or lighting up birthday candles can be tricky, especially when those wicks are hard to reach. Who enjoys playing the game of “how close can my finger get to the flame?” Not fun, right?

Here’s a clever solution: Use a stick of uncooked spaghetti. Simply light one end of the spaghetti stick and use it as an extension to reach those deep or tricky wicks. It’s long-burning and keeps your fingers safe from burns. Simple and genius!

3. Speedy Phone Charging for the Always Busy!

Lifehack: Use Airplane Mode & Gain Up to 40% Battery Life

In a rush and need your phone charged ASAP? Here’s a trick many don’t know: switch your phone to airplane mode. Sure, you won’t get calls or messages for a bit, but your phone will juice up much faster. Once charged, just turn off airplane mode, and you’re back in action!

4. The Speedy Shortcut for Chopping Onions (Without Crying!)

Lifehack: Pop a Piece of Bread in Your Mouth While Chopping

best life hacks

Onions making you tear up? Here’s a surprising solution: pop a piece of bread in your mouth while chopping. The bread absorbs the onion fumes, preventing them from reaching your eyes and sparing you the tears. Now you can chop onions with confidence (and a mouthful of bread!).

5. Get Cold Drinks in Just 10 Minutes!

Lifehack: Easy Breezy, Paper Chill

It’s a hot day and all you crave is a chilled drink! Only to find out you forgot to stock the fridge. That longing for a cool sip can be frustrating, especially when patience isn’t on the menu.

Don’t wait forever—there’s a shortcut. Wrap your drink in a wet cloth and place it in the fridge. Through the magic of evaporation, your beverage will turn icy cold in just about 10 minutes. Cheers to quick thinking and even quicker cooling!

6. Keep Bathroom Mirrors Crystal Clear Post-Shower!

Lifehack: The Car Wax Mirror Trick

Emerging from a hot, relaxing shower only to face a fogged-up mirror is a daily annoyance. Whether it’s for shaving or applying makeup, clear vision is essential.

The solution is hiding in your garage: car wax. A small dab on your mirror, followed by a gentle buff, keeps it mist-free! Regardless of how steamy your shower gets. Never let fog block your reflection again!

7. Hands-Free Recipe Reading in Your Kitchen!

Lifehack: The Trouser Hanger Cookbook Holder

Imagine you’re in the middle of cooking a delicious meal, hands covered in ingredients, and your recipe book keeps closing. It’s a common kitchen struggle!

Grab a trouser hanger from your closet. Hang it on a kitchen cabinet handle, clip your recipe book in place, and voilĂ ! Your hands are free, your recipe is visible, and you can cook without interruptions. Happy cooking!

8. Never Lose a Cable Behind Your Desk Again!

Lifehack: The Ultimate Desk Organizer Using Binder Clips

Tired of diving under your desk to retrieve lost cables? No need for fancy gadgets—just grab a binder clip! Attach it to the edge of your desk and thread your cables through. Keep all your cables accessible and tidy with this simple, efficient hack.

9. Revive Your Footwear with a Bathroom Essential!

Lifehack: Old Sneakers Are As Good As New With Just A Little Toothpaste

Staring at those old, dirty sneakers and thinking of tossing them out? Before you give up on them, try this simple trick. Use something you already have in your bathroom—non-gel white toothpaste! Dab some on an old toothbrush, scrub away the grime, and watch the magic unfold.

10. Fix Wobbly Furniture with Just a Coin!

Lifehack: Turn Pennies Into Furniture Fixers

Annoyed by wobbly chairs or tables? Instead of buying new furniture or special feet, try this quick and affordable fix using everyday coins!

Your loose change can stabilize your furniture. Simply glue coins to the base until it’s level. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution that works like magic.

11. The Smart Burger Eating Hack!

Lifehack: There Is A Way To Eat A Burger And Not Get Messy

Eating a juicy burger shouldn’t be a messy ordeal. Here’s a simple trick: flip your burger upside down! The thicker top bun can handle all the toppings and juices, making for a sturdier and less messy bite. Enjoy your burger without the mess and savor every bite!

12. Say Goodbye to Stubborn Microwave Stains!

Lifehack: Cleaning the Microwave Can Only Be Done If It’s That Easy

Ever opened your microwave and been greeted by those stubborn splatters? You’ve tried scrubbing, but those pesky stains just don’t budge. Plus, who wants to spend hours cleaning a microwave when there are quicker, easier ways?

Here’s the genius hack: Use the power of steam! Just place a glass full of water inside, and run your microwave. The steam softens even the most stubborn spots, letting you effortlessly wipe them away!

13. Turn Your Chip Bag into the Life of the Party!

Lifehack: Movie-Night & No Laundry After That? Awesome!

Ever been at a gathering where the chips are stuck deep in the bag, making it a hassle to reach? Or maybe you’ve wanted a quick serving solution without the cleanup afterwards? Forget searching for an extra bowl or plate.

Introducing the instant chip bag snack bowl! Just a few folds and rolls, and voilĂ  – your chip bag transforms into a self-standing bowl, bursting with chips. It’s fun, practical, and there’s zero cleanup. Make munching easy and impress your friends with this simple yet genius hack.

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Emma & John Brown

We are Emma and John, a busy couple who are always on the lookout for ways to make life a little easier (and maybe a little more fun!). We juggle work, errands, and trying to maintain a semblance of a social life, and we know how precious time can be. That’s why we’re passionate about sharing life hacks that actually work and can help you save time, money, and frustration.

We’ve tested out all of the hacks in this list ourselves, and we can honestly say they’ve made a big difference in our lives. We hope they’ll do the same for you!


"The wooden spoon trick for boiling water is genius! No more messy stove tops for me."
life hacks review
James Taylor · San Francisco, California
"The spaghetti stick candle hack is so clever. Used it for my wife’s birthday candles last night!"
life hacks review
Michael Brown · London, England
"The bread-in-mouth onion hack really works! No more tears in the kitchen."
life hacks review
David Anderson · Toronto, Ontario

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